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The Possums Sleep Film: Foundations for Healthy Parent-Baby Sleep

NEW! Now includes over 6 months + into toddlerhood!

Does your baby have sleep problems? Are you exhausted and sleep-deprived? Do you worry that your baby is not self-settling?

There is a great deal that can be done to make the nights more manageable and the days more enjoyable – without leaving your baby to cry.

Professor Helen Ball, the world's leading infant sleep researcher, has this to say about the Possums Sleep Program:

"Having researched all the infant sleep interventions in use around the English-speaking world, I felt the approach devised by Pam and Koa was most in tune with the scientific understanding of parent-infant sleep biology and our own anthropological studies of parental needs during early infancy." 

Most popular parent-baby sleep programs talk about the importance of secure attachment and responsive care - but teach strategies that are not consistent with what the latest evidence has to say about secure attachment and responsive care! They promote delayed responses to your baby's cues (such as grizzling or crying), or even ask you to completely ignore powerful biological cues (such as baby falling asleep with feeds). High level evidence shows that these popular strategies actually don't help most families.

In the Possums Sleep Film, the first three chapters build the foundations for healthy parent-baby sleep. A fourth new chapter helps you with sleep problems in the infant older than six months of age into toddlerhood. You receive a downloadable sleep workbook, too.

  1. Taking Control
  2. Sleep Science
  3. Creating an Action Plan
  4. Six Months Plus
  5. Exercises

The trailer above introduces you to Pam and Koa, who have created the Possums sleep program. Pam and Koa draw the latest research in neuroscience, sleep science, and infant attachment to bring you proven strategies for less disrupted sleep, at the same time as you support your baby’s optimal development. They also offer you strategies from a new evidence-based psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to help you live with vitality and meaning in the midst of this demanding time of life.

In the video below, Hannah tells the story of baby Ben’s frequent night-waking and her difficulty getting him to sleep during the day. Once parents like Hannah implement the strategies from the Possums sleep program, night-time sleep improves, and the days become much more enjoyable.

You will be surprised at just how easy and manageable sleep can be!



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