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Gestalt breastfeeding helps with:

  • Nipple damage or pain
  • Difficulty latching onto the breast
  • Fussing and pulling off the breast
  • Back-arching at the breast
  • Marathon feeds
  • Excessively frequent breastfeeds
  • ‘Windy’ behaviour during or after breastfeeds
  • Poor weight gain*


In the Gestalt Breastfeeding Self-help Program you have access to:

  • Comprehensive text with many photos and videos of women applying the gestalt strategies in breastfeeding
  • Discussion videos by Dr Pamela Douglas and Renee Keogh about the 4 key steps of gestalt breastfeeding
  • 6 videos of consultations with parents whose babies have had breastfeeding problems including diagnoses of posterior tongue-tie and upper lip-tie, illustrating the application of gestalt breastfeeding and how surgery can be avoided
  • Strategies for psychological resilience as you deal with breastfeeding problems
  • Downloadable Gestalt breastfeeding Workbook included with your purchase


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*This program does not replace the care of your usual health provider. Please see your GP or other trusted health professional if your baby is not gaining weight.

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