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Fitting women and their babies together for enjoyable, effective breastfeeding


Do you have nipple pain or discomfort with breastfeeding? Has your baby been diagnosed with oral ties, such as posterior tongue-tie, upper lip-tie or buccal ties? Or has your baby been diagnosed with gastro-oesophageal reflux, allergy or lactose intolerance due to unsettled behaviour at the breast? Do you want to prevent breastfeeding problems down the track?

We invite you to explore Gestalt Breastfeeding before you proceed with oral surgery or medications – many families find they need to go no further.* Unidentified challenges of fit, hold and positional stability remain a common cause of problems in breastfed babies. Now our innovative Gestalt Breastfeeding program is available online to help you achieve pain-free, efficient, relaxing breastfeeds. It is based on a new model of infant suck, developed out of the latest ultrasound studies.

Gestalt Breastfeeding helps prevent or heal nipple pain, and helps babies who 

  • Have difficulty latching on to the breast
  • Fuss and pull off or back-arch at the breast
  • Refuse the breast
  • Marathon feed
  • Feed excessively frequently
  • Are windy and unsettled with or after feeds
  • Gain weight poorly**

*If your baby has a classic tongue-tie, that is, a visible membrane under the tongue which restricts tongue movement, simple scissors frenotomy may be required. For any other diagnosis of oral ties, we suggest you give gestalt breastfeeding a go before proceeding to oral surgery.
**If you or your baby have health problems, including baby not gaining enough weight, it is important to seek the help of your GP or a qualified health professional.

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Sign up to access to our online Gestalt Breastfeeding program for just $32. You will receive

  • Brief videos demonstrating the 5 steps of Gestalt Breastfeeding
  • 6 videos of consultations with parents whose babies have had breastfeeding problems including diagnoses of posterior tongue-tie and upper lip-tie, illustrating the application of gestalt breastfeeding and how it helps
  • Comprehensive text with 20 photographs for those who wish to read information about gestalt breastfeeding in addition to video demonstrations
  • Strategies for psychological resilience as you deal with breastfeeding problems
  • Downloadable workbook pdf for you to keep

There are 2 different licences available:

Private use: Individual learning only - for parents. (Also for health professionals who wish to explore the program for their own information).

Performance licence: Lifetime public performance rights - for health professionals and educators. You are licensed to stream whenever you wish to use the material in educational contexts. This includes teaching and professional presentations and is required by institutions, libraries, and health professionals who would like to use parts or all of this video for education of their clients or other health professionals, in accordance with Australian copyright law.

Product selected:

Digital lifetime access + workbook

Private use: Individual learning only - for your personal use, not for use with clients or for teaching others.


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