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The Possums Clinic Brisbane

Specialised F2F and online consultations for mothers and babies

For online consultations visit For F2F Possums Clinic consultations in Brisbane phone Ms Renee Keogh 3177 2000.

Do you have breastfeeding problems? Baby sleep or cry-fuss problems? Do you have concerns that your baby has reflux or colic, lactose, gut pain from wind and gas, or air-swallowing? Are you worried there might be a tongue or upper lip-tie? Or are you facing bottle-feeding difficulties?

See our highly skilled practitioners at The Possums Clinic Brisbane 3177 2000 or The Possums Clinic Online, for compassionate and effective care. We are leaders in innovative, evidence-based care of mothers and babies. You can also find providers who are accredited in Neuroprotective Developmental Care of the Possums programs by clicking here

If you are expecting a baby, we invite you to join Renee online for our two-hour When Baby Comes Home antenatal session, in order to minimise problems and maximise enjoyment when your baby comes into the world. 

Who are we?

Pam DouglasDr Pamela Douglas is a GP-Lactation Consultant and Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist, who has been in general practice since 1985, and offering services as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1994. She usually provides both F2F consultations and also consultations at The Possums Clinic Online. Please note: Dr Pam is on sabbatical writing a book until January 2021, when she will again be available in the Possums Clinic.

Dr Pam has developed Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or ‘the Possums programs’), which offers science-based approaches to the common early life problems of breastfeeding, infant-care, and parental mood. She is Adjunct Associate Professor with the Maternity Newborn and Families Research Centre MHIQ, Griffith University, and a Senior Lecturer, Discipline of General Practice, The University of Queensland. Dr Pam is also is author of the popular The discontented little baby book: all you need to know about feeds, sleep and crying, which has sold over 10,000 copies.



Renee KeoghMs Renee Keogh is a Registered Nurse (Neonatology) and Lactation Consultant, and a founding NDC (or ‘the Possums programs’) Accredited Practitioner. She has been an educator in the Possums programs since 2015. Renee offers online consultations wherever you are, and also in-clinic consultations at The Gap, Brisbane, phone 3177 2000. For home-visits anywhere in Brisbane phone 0421 498 358.


Find an NDC accredited practitioner

We have a growing number of NDC accredited practitioners available for online consultations or F2F appointments. Our NDC accredited practitioners include GPs, GP-lactation consultants, midwives and lactation consultants, psychologists,child health nurses, speech therapists, and other allied health professionals. Our NDC accredited practitioners who are GPs are now able to offer online consultations bulk-billed in response to the pandemic.

Despite statements to the contrary including representation in Google Ads, Possums is NOT the general practices known as Grow Medical, recently rebranded as Growlife Medical. Grow Medical or Growlife Medical does not have health professionals accredited in Neuroprotective Developmental Care or the Possums programs, and Grow Medical or Growlife Medical health professionals are not part of our NDC networks. Grow Medical or Growlife Medical’s website information for parents with babies is not aligned with the evidence-based Possums or NDC content. Possums is a small, highly ethical, values-based health promotion charity, which offers specialised evidence-based programs known as Neuroprotective Developmental Care, or the Possums programs. 



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