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Online Introductory Workshop 1

Evidence-based care of mothers and babies: gaps and controversies

  • Online, self-paced, and accessible worldwide  
  • 6 hours of case-based modules for health professionals  
  • No course pre-requisite
  • Indefinite access   
  • Presented by Dr Pamela Douglas (GP, IBCLC) and Ms Renee Keogh (RN, IBCLC)  
Why should I do this course? 
  • Bridge the current gap between evidence and clinical practice in early life care
  • Reflect upon your practice in the care of families and their babies post-birth, and build upon your existing skills 
  • Learn about a new cross-disciplinary and integrated approach to the complex problems of breastfeeds, sleep, unsettled infant behavior, and parent mental health
  • Pathway to participating in a community of content-aligned health professionals - the NDC network
  • Workshop 1 is a prerequisite for Workshop 2 
  • Workshops 1 and 2 are prerequisites for accreditation in Neuroprotective Developmental Care 


Program for Online Introductory Workshop 1 - Evidence-based care of mothers and babies: gaps and controversies

  • About the Possums programs (Neuroprotective Developmental Care in the Community)
  • Why current approaches are letting us down: an exploration of the importance of an integrated and evidence-based approach to post-birth care
  • A new clinical tool to help organise, prioritise, and collaboratively plan with parents
  • What is cued care, really? A look at the latest neuroscience
  • The latest evidence concerning cry-fuss problems, including on the role of
    • the gut microbiome
    • reflux
    • allergy
    • lactose problems
  • The neurobiological model of unsettled infant behaviour
  • Case discussions in groups
  • Can we empower women to prevent breastfeeding problems?
  • What signs are most commonly misdiagnosed when babies have feeding problems?
  • The art of paced bottle-feeding
  • How to identify common fit and hold problems
  • What the latest ultrasound studies show us about the biomechanics of infant suck during breastfeeding
  • The role of oral connective tissue including of the tongue and upper lip in successful breastfeeding, unsettled infant behaviour and reflux
  • Gestalt breastfeeding: a new way forward
  • Group discussions
  • The facts about parent-baby sleep, drawing on the latest neuroscience and sleep research
  • Why parent-baby sleep is often unnecessarily disrupted in our society
  • Identifying obstacles that unnecessarily disrupt healthy parent-baby sleep
  • Simple strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help parents manage the difficult thoughts and feelings that inevitably arise during this challenging life phase


More about Neuroprotective Developmental Care ('The Possums Programs')

In very early life, babies and their families are set on interpersonal and developmental trajectories with life-long health implications. Yet the gap between evidence and clinical practice is bigger here than at any other time of life. Parents receive conflicting advice concerning the management of difficulties with breastfeeds, sleep and crying. This confusion among health professionals may even, paradoxically, worsen the problems or worsen parental anxiety, increasing the risk of postnatal depression. Babies commonly receive inappropriate medical diagnoses, too, with unintended consequences.

Pam and Renee open up the latest research and challenging accepted orthodoxy across a range of topics in early life care. The evidence-base to Neuroprotective Developmental Care (‘The Possums Programs’) is peer-reviewed and published in national and international medical journals, and is changing practice internationally.



Workshop 1

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Workshop 1 - If you are also purchasing Masterclasses, NDC Accreditation or NDC providers / educators

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