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Why see a Developmental Paediatrician?

Dr Andrea McGlade - General and Developmental Paediatrician
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Do you worry that your child is doing things or behaving in ways that other children aren't or that your child's behaviour just doesn't make sense? Do you find yourself often wondering: 'Why does my child do this?' or 'Why can't my child do this?' Do you worry that your child can't do things that other children seem to do easily or can't grasp despite lots of help – at home, at kinder, at school or in the playground? Do you often wonder: 'Is this normal?' Perhaps despite all the reassurance of those around you that these behaviours may be normal, you still have that nagging worry? Or do you wonder why the usual strategies don't seem to work? Do you have trouble managing your child's behaviour despite having read all the parenting books and/or attending parenting courses?

Then here's a way to get some help answering those questions.

A developmental paediatrician is a specialist in children's behaviour, learning and development and mental health. It's a specialty area, different to general paediatrics, in that we have extra training and experience in this field and it's our special interest; it's what we love doing best.

As a developmental paediatrician, I see all sorts of children; from those that might need a little extra help to those children at the very complex end who have run the gauntlet of assessments, therapy and specialists. It's not just about making a diagnosis like autism or prescribing medication, it's about understanding your child as best we can and working out how to help them achieve the best they can.


Dr Andrea McGlade

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