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The Possums Clinic and Paeds in a Pod Enter Partnership in July 2018

Dr Pamela Douglas - Medical Director, Possums for Mothers and Babies
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When our brief partnership with Grow Medical ended in April 2018, The Possums Clinic commenced an exciting new partnership with Paeds in a Pod. Since July 2018, The Possums Clinic has been operating out of the Possums Education and Research Centre, Paeds in a Pod, and we remain very grateful to Paeds in a Pod for their generous management! Paeds in a Pod understands how important it is for our charity to retain that vital connection between clinical services and our ongoing innovative health professional education and research development, so that we can continue to provide constantly updated excellence in the care of new families and their babies. This is, afterall, what we have built our reputation upon:  without ongoing education and research in Neuroprotective Developmental Care as our foundation, we would not be Possums. Paeds in a Pod have been forward thinking in their support of our holistic, interdisciplinary, primary care approach, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them.

The Possums Clinic offers parents who face breastfeeding, unsettled baby behaviour problems, or mood challenges access to:

The Possums Clinic (at the Possums Education and Research Centre) offers services from Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Level 7 Nicholson Street Medical Centre, Greenslopes Private Hospital, and from Paeds in a Pod, Suite 14 / 970 Waterworks Road, The Gap. Phone + 61 7 3177 2000 or email info@paedsinapod for an appointment at The Possums Clinic, Possums Education and Research Centre.

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