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Possums Baby Sleep Stories Competition - Kaitlyn’s Story

Kaitlyn - Parent
Possums Baby Sleep Stories Competition - Kaitlyn

Possums Baby Sleep Stories Competition

Kaitlyn's Story

I had never read a book about infant sleep or routines prior to having my son, but many people gave me well-meaning advice around how to make a baby sleep. People would tell me that I needed to implement strong and strict routines, that sleep promoted sleep and the longer I could get my son to sleep during the day the better he would sleep at night. So I did. I put in so much effort in trying to get him to sleep for long periods throughout the day. I laugh about it now but I would take him for a drive in the car in an effort for him to sleep and when he fell asleep I would pull over at a park and I would take out a book and read it but as soon as he woke up I would start the car again so he would go back to sleep. I did many other similar things, all in an effort for my son to sleep. When it came to the night time he was such a frequent waker and by about his peak of night waking (probably around a year old) I had done quite a bit of reading and research around infant sleep and so much of it told me it was normal for him to wake and whilst I completely agreed that it was normal for an infant to wake I really started to think that his 10 times per night (honestly sometimes it was more) was just a little too frequent and something might not be quite right. 

The Possum’s sleep program helped me truly understand infant sleep, the consultant (Renee Keogh) spent an hour explaining how it all worked and after about a week my son’s night waking decreased dramatically. Yes, he still woke for breastfeeds and comfort during the night but no where near as frequently. There were no tears when I implemented the program, not a single whimper. I could still breastfeed him to sleep, co-sleep with him and attend to his every need. My son is now almost 3 and I recognise that he still doesn’t need as much sleep as others his age but he is happy, he never fights bed time and is not afraid of the dark and I attribute all of this to the Possum’s Baby and Toddler Sleep Program educating me and helping me understand his sleep needs.   


Please submit your stories (500 words max) to possumscomp@gmail.com. If you like, you can include an image to pair with your story. The winning story will receive a gorgeous Hug-A-Bub Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier worth $100.
Entries close at 5pm on Friday 31st July, 2020.

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