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Does domperidone increase breastmilk - Possums & Co

Prescriptions for domperidone to help new mums increase their breastmilk supply are on the rise. Dr Pam Douglas discusses realistic expectations when using domperidone.


In this article, Dr Pam analyses the overstimulated infant hypothesis, shares an overview of the evidence base, as well as a selection of scripts for parents relating to NDC.

If a baby’s circadian clock is not well aligned with her parents', it might be time to work with the family to create a sleep management plan together.

In this final part of our series on problem crying in babies, we look at evidence-based management of baby's feeding, sleep, and sensory needs and maternal mental health.

We explore the impact of interpretative biases on existing evidence concerning the gut and infant cry-fuss behaviours, and offer a neurobiological explanatory model.

Excessive crying is one of the most common presentations in early life, affecting 20% of infants. Here, Dr Pam looks at the evidence through a case study.

Possums approach to infant or baby sleep

This blog details the basic steps of the evidence-based Neuroprotective Developmental Care approach (or Possums approach) to infant sleep.

Possums daytime naps

Having trouble getting your little one to nap during the day? Dr Pam Douglas looks at reasons why this might happen, one of which is sleep training.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, baby feet light skin

Conflicting advice given to new parents upon the birth of their baby can be stressful and disorientating. Dr Pam Douglas from Possums explains why we have to do better.

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