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Published in The Medical Republic 28 June 2021 

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Could it be that parents are receiving advice about their babies’ sleep which worsens sleep distress for the whole family? Dr Pam Douglas reviews the evidence.

This is an extract transcript of a conversation between the Medical Director of Possums & Co, Dr Pamela Douglas, and journalist Jennifer Leake of ABC Radio National.


Flinders University researchers recently released a press statement about two infant sleep studies, though importantly, these studies are still only reported as abstracts or online conference present

Possums Baby Sleep Stories Competition - Kiri NDC

Kiri spent many frustrating hours trying to get her baby into a sleep routine. When it didn't work for her or her baby, she found Possums, and everything changed.

Looking for help with your baby or toddler's sleep that is not sleep training? You're not alone. Increasing numbers of parents are opting for evidence-based approaches.

Possums NDC baby sleep stories comp - baby sleep program

Thanks for everyone who has submitted entries for the Possums Baby Sleep Stories Competition. Here are our first entries!

Possums Baby Sleep Stories Competition - Kaitlyn

As a first-time mother, Kaitlyn was receiving all different kinds of advice about baby sleep. Strict routines did not feel quite right, so she tried something else.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, sensory nourishment

‘How did you do that?!’ Read this gorgeous story by Debbie Spink about how she used sensory stimulation to magically calm her 15 month old grand niece. 

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, breastfeeding, baby sleep and crying problems, baby sleeping on blue blanket

Sleep training can make life much harder for both mother and baby, according to Dr Pam Douglas who is using the latest neuroscience findings to re-educate families on baby’s sleep.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, woman asleep on couch, breastfeeding, baby sleep and crying problems

What do the best sleepers do to get to sleep?  Nothing – they just lie down and off they go. So what do us tired new parents who can’t get to sleep do?

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, baby sleep and crying problems

Headlines claiming that it's OK to let babies cry themselves to sleep are making life harder for parents struggling with baby sleep, writes Dr Pam Douglas.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, breastfeeding, baby sleep and crying problems, sensory nourishment, kissing baby

Babies experience two kinds of hungers: the hunger for milk, and the hunger for sensory experience. Dr Pam explains why sensoral nourishment is vital to babies' neuronal pathways.

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