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1. How do you facilitate frequent milk removal (12 per day per breast) when clients need to pump at work. Most jobs do not facilitate pumping every 2 hours.

A breastfeeding woman needs to make time for many different ways of caring for her own physical and emotional needs. Breast massage has become very popular in recent years.

It’s World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, and the WHO is asking us to help stop drug resistance by avoiding unnecessary use of antimicrobial medications.

Prolonged courses of antifungals are often prescribed to breastfeeding women with persistent nipple pain, despite no evidence to support these treatments. The pain typically results from other causes.

Things I wish knew before I started Breastfeeding | Possums

As a GP working with lot of new mothers and babies, I knew breastfeeding wasn’t always easy, but the health benefits, convenience and connection with the baby it offered always seemed worth the efforts.

Breastfeeding is not a simple concept and breastfeeding problems are not resolved with simplistic interventions. We've made progress at Possums & Co. but there's a long way to go.

Does domperidone increase breastmilk - Possums & Co

Prescriptions for domperidone to help new mums increase their breastmilk supply are on the rise. Dr Pam Douglas discusses realistic expectations when using domperidone.

Can we empower breastfeeding women through experimentation with some simple physical strategies to resolve their own nipple pain and baby’s fussing at the breast?

In the early days and weeks with a newborn, breastfeeding parents are often asked about baby’s latch and position and how they are feeding.

The most important message to embrace about breast anatomy is that there is an incredibly broad definition of what is normal. Human breasts are highly diverse and women of all shapes and sizes can have a long and meaningful breastfeeding journey.


Speaking from personal experience, Dr Lauren Wilson discusses what it really means to share the responsibility of breastfeeding as a community.

Possums breastfeeding, returning to work and increasing supply

Dr Pamela Douglas and Emma McCabe explore the role of pumping breast milk, including for increasing supply and returning to work. 

Possums breastfeeding and returning to work

How do you go back to work and breastfeed at the same time? Dr Lauren Wilson explores the options and shares tips for working mums.

Possums for parents with babies _ breastfeeding, NDC, baby feet

This is a transcript of a conversation between Possums Medical Director, Dr Pamela Douglas, and Melbourne neonatologist, Dr Danielle Freeman.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, Frenotomy and human factors science

The frenotomy industry and how it may aggravate the distress faced by parents dealing with breastfeeding problems, without evidence of benefits.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, baby breastfeeding with incorrect latch

Talk to new mothers about breastfeeding, and there’s one frequent message: it’s painful and it’s difficult. However, it doesn't have to be this way.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, breastfeeding baby large

New parents often receive a great deal of conflicting advice from health professionals on breastfeeding, so understanding what helps and what doesn't is important.

Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, breastfeeding baby, tongue tie lip tie

How do we help those many women who can't transfer milk from their breasts into their babies without pain? Dr Pam Douglas discusses this contentious issue.

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