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Neuroprotective Developmental Care
Neuroprotective Developmental Care

About accreditation in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or 'The Possums Programs')

NDC offers health professionals innovative clinical tools and a wealth of resources for assisting parents with breastfeeding, sleep, unsettled infant behaviour and mental health challenges. 

NDC is an integrated and evidence-based approach to the care of babies and their families. It has been developed, peer reviewed, and published over the past 15 years from an integration of the research across the fields of neuroscience and medical science, lactation science, the psychology of attachment, evolutionary medicine, and applied functional contextualism. We invite you to become part of a groundbreaking, evidence-based movement for change in early life care! 

There are three steps to becoming an NDC accredited practitioner (download the flowchart here). Note all these prices are in AUD.

  1. Completion of pre-requisite Introductory Workshops: "Evidence-based care of mothers and babies" and "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health" currently available online (2 x $50 if you are registered for a Masterclass or proceeding with NDC Accreditation);
  2. Completion of "live" online Masterclasses (Stream 1 = health professionals: $450; Stream 2 = medical doctors and psychologists: $500). Our next  "live" online Masterclasses will be held in 2 hour modules over 6 weeks. 
  3. We also have recorded Masterclasses Online ($500) available for viewing in your own time. These Masterclasses are ideal for those who have registered with the NDC Accreditation pathway and can't attend the live, "online" Masterclasses.
  4. Completion of NDC Accreditation Pathway (Stream 1 = health professionals: $370 registration; Stream 2 = medical doctors: $450 registration).

*from $920 Total for Health Professionals, $1050 Total for Medical Doctors and Psychologists

You can do the Masterclasses first before undertaking the NDC Accreditation Pathway, or you could join up now to the NDC Accreditation Pathway and do the Masterclasses later on. Accreditation is up for renewal after 2 years. The re-accreditation process provides an additional two years access, pending successful completion of program activities and payment of a fee.

If you join the NDC Accreditation Pathway you'll have immediate access to:


  • Live NDC Network Hours, facilitated by NDC accredited practitioners, who are available for support and case discussion whenever you want to tune in throughout your two year registration (minimum attendance 12 hours). 
  • Closed NDC Network Facebook pages for health professional peer support
  • NDC clinical tools including videos and sets of photographs for use in your consultations
  • NDC parent handouts
  • Practice set-up list
  • Research publications detailing the NDC evidence-base
  • Powerpoints of presentations by Dr Pamela Douglas (2015 onwards)
  • 12 hours of videoed presentations of evidence-update ("New Clinical Tools: Mood, Breastfeeds, Sleep and Crying- the Possums' Conference" February 2017)

Assessment pathway 

  • Handbook of core NDC competencies - made available at Masterclasses
  • Handbook of key strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy suitable for perinatal consultations
  • Multi-choice exam pre and post-course
  • Four hours of observation in online consultations with one of our experienced NDC practitioners. Registrants observe an NDC practitioner taking four consults which may cover the domains of either breastfeeding, cry-fuss and/or sleep challenges. The online consults are scheduled at varying times to cater for different time zones.
  • Completion of Masterclasses

On completion, you'll receive

  • NDC Accredited Practitioner logo
  • Promotion of your name, your website and your location on and a congratulatory post via our social media platforms
  • The option of renewing your accreditation
  • The option of licensing the right to set up a Possums Clinic.

CPD Points – NDC Accreditation

CPD hours/points for NDC accreditation have yet to be confirmed for the new triennium (01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025) 

Please note: CPD hours/points allocated to this activity are in addition to the CPD hours/points available for our Masterclasses. 



NDC Reaccreditation

Following the two-year NDC Accreditation period, Possums & Co. requires NDC practitioners to undertake reaccreditation every two years to maintain competency and clinical knowledge. This re-accreditation process aims to ensure that those health professionals identifying as NDC Accredited Practitioners and using our parent handouts and other resources are providing high quality care in a way which aligns with the NDC programs, which may change as the evidence develops. 

Re-accreditation process provides a supportive and high-quality evidence-based programme that promotes flexibility to suit your professional and personal circumstances, to ensure your passion and commitment to the NDC programme continues. 

The re-accreditation program is completed over two years and involves NDC practitioners accruing 20 points during this period. These 20 points should be comprised of 10 points annually, including at least 5 points for mandatory activities (as outlined below). The remaining points can be made up by mandatory or elective activities. 

Refer to this brief overview for further information regarding the types of activities you can participate in to accrue points. 

Cost of the Reaccreditation pathway:

  • Doctors Reaccreditation: $350
  • Health professional Reaccreditation: $250

Enquiries: please email



"I came across the Possums program when I was struggling with adequately responding to desperate mothers in the sensitive and challenging time as they transition to motherhood. Often, they were going to heroic lengths to feed and settle their babies and were overwhelmed with conflicting, and non-evidenced based advice. [NDC Accreditation/the Possums programs are] based on five domains that interact to affect parent-infant wellbeing. Once I began to incorporate this model into my practice, I immediately noticed a significant improvement in pain-free breastfeeding, reduction in cry-fuss issues, improvement in sleep, and finally and most importantly of all – much much happier mammas!

The upskilling for me as a lactation consultant/midwife has been life changing. Networking with other health professionals through the NDC Network who have completed the NDC pathway has created a ‘village’ of like-minded professionals growing to support families in the continuing challenges of parenting. The fact that that I can access their collective experience, wisdom and knowledge is both professionally and personally supportive.  How exciting to be part of an evidenced based new paradigm which empowers and engages families in early life care!

I am so indebted to Dr Pamela Douglas – her research and dedication to improving early life care for mothers and babies is inspiring."

Robyn Fitzgerald, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, NDC Accredited Practitioner, Midwife, Melbourne, Victoria

Click here for other testimonials.


Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to proceed with your NDC Pathway Accreditation enrolment, please email Cancellations made within 30 days will be refunded less 20% to cover administrative costs. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be made after 30 days of purchase.

Doctors Accreditation

AUD 450.00EUR 300.00USD 360.00GBP 270.00

Health Professional Accreditation

AUD 370.00EUR 250.00USD 300.00GBP 225.00

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