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Neuroprotective Developmental Care
Neuroprotective Developmental Care

NDC Accreditation offers you innovative clinical tools and a wealth of resources for assisting new parents with breastfeeding, sleep, unsettled infant behaviour and mental health challenges. 

Community-based Neuroprotective Developmental Care is an integrated and evidence-based approach to the care of babies and their families, also known as 'the Possums programs'. NDC has been developed, peer reviewed, and published over the past 13 years from an integration of the research across the fields of neuroscience and medical science, lactation science, the psychology of attachment, evolutionary medicine, and applied functional contextualism. We invite you to become part of a groundbreaking, evidence-based movement for change in early life care! 

There are three steps to becoming an NDC accredited practitioner.

  1. Completion of pre-requisite Certification Workshops: "Evidence-based care of mothers and babies" and "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health" currently available online (2 x $95);
  2. Completion of two-day Masterclasses, currently scheduled for 21-22 September 2018 in Melbourne (2 days total $450); subsequently will be available online; also face-to-face in different locations in 2019, not yet scheduled;
  3. Completion of NDC Accreditation Pathway (Stream 1 = health professionals: $370 registration; Stream 2 = medical doctors: $450 registration).

You can wait to do the Masterclasses first before undertaking the NDC Accreditation Pathway, or you could join up now to the NDC Accreditation Pathway and do the Masterclasses later on. Accreditation is renewed every 3 years, pending successful completion of re-assessment and payment of a fee which is half that initially paid.

If you join the NDC Accreditation Pathway you'll have immediate access to:


  • The Live NDC Network Hour, which is underway, facilitated by Dr Pamela Douglas (using Zoom videoconferencing) at 7 am Fridays, available for support and case discussion whenever you want to tune in throughout your three-year registration (minimum attendance 12 hours)
  • Closed NDC Network Facebook pages for health professional peer support
  • NDC clinical tools - sets of photographs and videos for use in your consultations
  • NDC parent handouts
  • Practice set-up list
  • Research publications detailing the NDC evidence-base
  • Powerpoints of presentations by Dr Pamela Douglas (2015 onwards)
  • 12 hours of videoed presentations of evidence-update ("New Clinical Tools: Mood, Breastfeeds, Sleep and Crying- the Possums' Conference" February 2017), including by
    • Professor Helen Ball
    • Professor Jeanine Young
    • Dr Tina Smillie
    • Dr Howard Chilton
    • Associate Professor (Adj) Pamela Douglas
    • Dr Koa Whittingham

Assessment pathway 

  • Handbook of core NDC competencies - made available at Masterclasses
  • Handbook of key strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy suitable for perinatal consultations
  • Multi-choice exam pre and post-course
  • Three hours of observation in consultations with Dr Pamela Douglas at the Possums Education + Research Centre, by Zoom or face-to-face
  • Completion of two day Masterclasses

On completion, you'll receive:

  • Logo use and credentialling document: NDC Accredited Practitioner
  • Promotion of your name, your website and your location on
  • The option of renewing your accreditation every 3 years at half the initial price.

Inquiries: please email Maddy at

If you are an early adopter of NDC Accreditation, you will benefit from the current heavily discounted fees, and acknowledgement as an NDC Accreditation Early Adopter.


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